Taghdis Porcelain with Nano coverage
Porcelain are the most popular dishes in the market. On-time washing and maintain them has always been important. Late washing of dishes and cups built with this type of materials leads to form black stains resulted in coffee, tea and so on. Using Nano Anti-Spot coverage leads to Non-diffusion and absorption of liquids on the surface of the dishes and consequently, to non-forming stains resulted in favorite drinks on the levels of Chinese dishes. 
This production could enter external and internal markets as the first Chinese dishes with Nano coverage after 3 years’ study, experimentation, lab production, Nano and health permits and International approvals and succeed in this long way was possible by the trust of Mr. Moradi, the owner of the Chinese factory to the efficiency and ability of domestic experts and perseverance and the tireless efforts of the honorable management of the Chinese factory, Mr. Behbahani. 
-    Easy and rapid washing
-    No need to detergents
-    Not changing glaze color in facing with any types of food and liquids (coffee and tea)
-    No need to drying the surface after washing
-    Maintain the quality of glaze and flowers 
Consumer Requirements of Nano Anti-spot containers:
Nano coverage present on these dishes is consistent against any types of detergents, dishwasher and any types of sponge and scotch but needs care like other coverages to remain on the surface for a long time, so, it is proposed washing with a little detergents and sponge for this coverage. 
Nano Chinese project confirmation of Taghdis factory
-    Have Nano-scale confirmation from dear Nano headquarters
-    Have permission and health license from dear food and drug organization (green apple)
-    Recorded in Geneva Switzerland